5 Advantages to Using Facebook Ads to Get More Clients


Many family law attorneys are still using the same advertising techniques they were using 15 years ago. While conventional wisdom dictates that TV, radio, and relying upon word of mouth must work because everyone else is doing the same thing, there are more effective ways to reach a wider customer base. Thanks to social media, you can now reach a local audience and turn those prospects into customers quickly and efficiently.

Social media marketing is by no means a new idea for law firms, but many firms are not effectively tapping into one of the most effective platforms – Facebook ads. When used properly, the ads can be an effective marketing tool for your firm.

To date, over half of the 324.5 million people in the U.S. have Facebook accounts, with 171.4 million Americans reportedly using the platform at least once a month. With that kind of reach, it is no wonder millions of businesses now use Facebook advertising to promote their company.

While Facebook referrals may not necessarily generate consistent business, you can use this type of advertising to your firm’s advantage.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are paid advertising on the platform that appear in News Feeds on mobile or desktop devices, and they are sometimes paired with news about social actions that users have taken, such as liking a Facebook Page.

Facebook ads are important to businesses and law firms because of the additional reach, targeting options, and exposure available to those who advertise on the social media network.

5 Advantages of Facebook Advertising

1) Facebook Ads Can Connect You to Your Customers

One of the largest problems businesses experience is maintaining a close relationship with customers. Customers, though, prefer businesses that treat them quickly and personally. Using Facebook can help you overcome these issues, since reaching your customer-base is easier and less expensive.

The majority of online advertising only reaches 27% of the intended audience. Conversely, Facebook ads reach 91% of the intended audience. What’s more, other forms of online marketing, such as Google AdWords, require you to put a great deal of thought and effort into the right keywords that will reach your target audience. With Facebook ads, you only need to know who your target audience is.

2) Advanced Targeting: Facebook Ads Can Generate Word of Mouth for You

Facebook is far more targeted than you may realize. Firms can target users with ads by demographics, location, behavior, age, interests, connections, and even gender. These ads can also help you get in front of specific and motivated segments of your client-base with targeting options such as:

•    Life-event targeting

•    Purchase behavior

•    Layered targeting options that help you get incredibly granular with your targeting

Not only will your direct followers see your Facebook ads, but also the people within their extended networks. Once your ads start generating likes and comments – and good ads do – your visibility will increase significantly.

3) You Can Set Your Own Budget Without Spending Too Much on Advertising

If you already have a business page on the social network, you may not realize less than 0.5% of your fans will see your updates. For years now, Facebook has been reducing the visibility of company pages in people’s news feeds. That’s why you need to use Facebook ads if you want clients to discover your services.

Facebook ads allow you to set an average budget for how much you want to spend on the ad per day. Alternatively, you can set a maximum spending limit for the duration that your ads are being promoted on the platform.

Typically, just $50 will get your message in front of up to 10,000 users.

4) You Can Track Your Results and Adjust Your Campaign Accordingly

Testing your ads is a great way to make changes and improve your campaign, while gaining valuable insight to what does and doesn’t work. Facebook offers an interface that allows you to track your key performance indicators with the help of A/B testing via a split ad testing tool within the platform. This allows you to not only find the best audience for your ads, but lets you see results information so you can tweak your strategies if necessary.

5) You Can Reach More Mobile Users

Americans using mobile devices spend about 22% of their Internet time on Facebook, compared to a mere 11% who spend time on YouTube and Google combined. That means there is enormous potential to reach customers who may not have been reachable previously. While there are certainly other alternatives for mobile users, Facebook seems to be the platform that most people visit on a daily basis. It makes sense that you should focus your advertising endeavors on such an active platform.

With Facebook ads, you can appeal to your audience from the palm of their hands. In the past three years, mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage, which is just another reason why Facebook ads benefit your business in reaching a mobile audience.

Final thoughts

It is worth noting that Facebook marketing is a long-term strategy, so you cannot expect overnight results. However, Facebook works behind the scenes to find the people who are most likely to interact with you based on their data and usage. There are certainly additional perks in relation to this – the main one being that your advert will not be placed in front of people who are highly likely to overlook it.

It is certainly possible to grow your law firm with Facebook ads, provided you put in the required dedication and consistent effort. When using Facebook ads, referrals can generate consistent business when used effectively, and they can greatly increase awareness of your services and reach clients who you may not have reached via traditional advertising mediums.

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