4 Ways Your Family Law Firm Should Be Using Social Media in 2017


More and more family law practices are now using social media to gain exposure for their firms, and gain advantages over their competitors. If you want to do the same, it is imperative that you start with a well-conceived social media strategy that has a consistent message and a branded image (which can easily extend across all of your social media profiles).

There has never been a better time to get start on your social media journey. 2017 is going to be a big year for family law firms and social media. Over 800 million people connect with each other (and businesses!) through Facebook. While Facebook is definitely still the most popular social media site for law firms, LinkedIn and Twitter should not be ignored. These social media venues bring in hundreds of millions of more people.

If your law firm does not take advantage of this incredible time for social media, you are really missing out on a large audience of potential customers. Today’s millennial generation grew up with technology all around them. It is intertwined into every aspect of their lives, and it has changed the way society communicates. And this change includes professional communication.

In 2016, 57% of law firms maintained a social media presence. On average, law firms spent approximately 1.6 hours per week on social media sites for their company.

So did all their hard work pay off? Absolutely! Of the 57% of law firms that use social media, 24% said they had clients directly retain them, or they were referred because of their social media presence.

Here are tips for improving the social media presence of your family law firm in 2017:

1) Engage with Your Followers in a Helpful Way.

This tip is very important to keep in mind when maintaining a social media presence. If you are not engaging with (or being helpful to) your clients in some way, they are likely to become disinterested in your social content.

Come up with useful information that your followers can easily engage with: provide your opinion on a matter, or simply joining in on a conversation. Answer your clients’ questions about divorce or other family law cases in a helpful manner. We recommend responding within 24 hours to keep them engaged. Through Facebook and Twitter, you can also organize real-time meetings with your followers to answer their questions; it is a unique way to engage your audience in a live setting.

The important thing to keep in mind is to stay focused on your niche. Followers are interested in your site because they are interested in family law and your business. So make sure to keep your social media content related to family law.

2) Be Active and Join the Conversation about Current Events.

Share interesting pieces of news and other content that is relevant to the family law industry. One way you could accomplish this goal is by posting topics every morning. Then you can engage with your followers and provide consistency on your social media sites. Your followers will look forward to seeing your topic every morning. Then when people start commenting on your posts, reply. Keep them engaged by starting a conversation with them.

Another good idea is sharing recent changes to the law that may affect your practice areas. People love being in the know, so this information will be useful to them.

3) Highlight Your Team, Their Work, and Their Successes.

Find ways to make your team’s daily successes part of your story via social media. A legal firm is made up of professionals who are working to build its credibility. Tell their stories, and you will be able to connect with your prospective clients on a human level.

There are many ways you can tell stories on social media. You can encourage your team members to consistently share their professional achievements and accolades with your followers, or showcase them in special weekly tweets. That way, you will make your colleagues feel like they are part of your family, which will work wonders for their morale. But the real value is in the fact that your audience will view you like a company that employs real, relatable human beings.

4) Use Brand Advocacy for More Exposure.

Using micro-influencers helps increase your social media reach. Their voices are authentic, so your potential target clients will trust them more than any social media ad you create. People have a high level of trust in their peers’ reviews of products and services. If one of their peers says they had a good experience with your family law services, then they believe they will too.

Select a former client (or another prominent person you know and trust), who has firsthand experience with your services and speaks favorably about their experiences with you. Ask them to pass on positive word-of-mouth about your firm. And encourage them to post a testimonial about your services on your social media sites.

If you create a social media presence for your family law firm in 2017, it will bring your firm more brand awareness (among current and potential clients), an increased search engine ranking for your website (by virtue of social media bookmarking), and networking with thought leaders in your field. And you will get important content from your website in front of your target audience.

So where do you start? We recommend creating no more than three social media pages. Then you will have the opportunity to feel out what it is like to have a social media presence for your firm. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are good places to start—since they are the most popular. Give each page the same overall theme, and have the same profile picture for each one. Then you will create a sense of consistency for your brand, and your followers will easily be able to recognize your social sites.

Social media is here to stay, so use it to your advantage. With a well-established social media strategy, you give your firm a voice, strengthen your professional reputation, and potentially garner new business. Creating a social media presence ensures you are not missing out on a lucrative marketing opportunity.

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