Case Study: How a Family Law Firm Turned a $20 Facebook Ad into $10,000 in Retainers

Many family law firms share a common goal: growing their business. We’re going to share with you a case study about a family law firm in Texas wanted to gain more local clients. While it currently had four attorneys as part of its legal team, it wanted to expand its revenue to justify the addition of more lawyers as part of the team.

Fixing Inconsistent Marketing Results

This firm was excellent at family law, but it was not as savvy in social media as it should have been. The majority of their business came from referrals, but their efforts generated an unpredictable, inconstant stream of clients.

The in-house marketing team was helpful for some of the basics, creating a clean website and profiles on sites such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google. These steps were certainly a good start, but the law firm needed more exposure and visibility in their local community. It was hard to determine which efforts were working, and which ones were a waste of time.

Reviewing the Marketing Strategy

The law firm approached Divorce Marketing Agency to develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy for generating more leads.  This firm wanted to take an active role in their marketing strategy, so they could make better use of their total marketing budget while reaching local clients. They needed a platform that was cost-effective, and that would perform for them.

After a comprehensive review of the firm’s online marketing efforts, Divorce Marketing Agency proposed that the firm leverage its profile through Facebook Advertising. By putting forth a small monetary advance for these ads, the firm would be able to see beneficial results by specifically targeting their messaging to the demographic they were trying to reach. That way, they would ensure that the right potential customer base would see it.

Making an Impact

Why would this law firm choose social media as their solution for advertising? They wanted local targeting and exposure. Divorce Marketing Agency discussed their ideal client, the firm’s messaging, and the most sophisticated way to target a divorcing family.

To showcase the power of advertising on Facebook, Divorce Marketing Agency tested local ads. Since they had an initial budget of $20, they only advertised to families in the firm’s zip code.  That way, they would ensure that they reached the right customer base: one that was in line with their family law practice.

While the firm was reluctant at first, they got major results. They were able to engage with clients that responded to their ad, something that they had never had the chance to do before. They also got plenty of shares from people that knew of their reputation or knew a friend that needed legal help, which allowed their Facebook-ad dollars to go even further.

The firm then experienced more visibility in their local community. They displayed their ad to local users who might not have a need for their services at that moment, but could down the road.

Then they would recall that this ad was liked and shared by many. Therefore, they would remember that this law firm could help them. All of these results were clearly measurable, and they continued to improve.

$10,000 in New Clients

The initial run of the $20 Facebook ad reached over 1,000 people in their local area. Initially, it received some feedback from previous clients, which soon escalated into much more for the firm.

After seeing the ad, two prospective clients called the firm and booked an initial consultation. Both eventually became customers of the firm, paying $5,000 retainers each, or $10,000 of new revenue to the family law firm.

Divorce Marketing Agency continues to work with this firm. Now that they have expanded their Facebook marketing budget, the firm has continuously received a steady stream of inquiries and new customers through that sole marketing channel. After six months, they were able to hire a new attorney, and the firm continues to grow today.

Why Was this Facebook Strategy So Powerful?

When you look at social media, there is an abundance of potential ways to reach a significant number of consumers in just seconds. Recent reports place current social media use at 81% of the American population. Therefore, it is a safe bet that it will reach a potential customer base.

In particular, Facebook has the ability to drill down and determine how to accomplish your objective while staying within your advertising budget. You may want to promote your Facebook profile, highlight a recent award, or feature your blog.

Whatever your goals are, Facebook offers you the ability to reach the exact demographic you are looking for by selecting certain factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Behaviors

It is also important to note that 47% of Americans use Facebook to impact their purchasing behavior. In other words, consumers trust the site and the information that they see it on it. When they want to hire a service such as a law firm, they will turn to Facebook to provide them with the information they need to make an informed buying decision.

They may ask their friends for advice, look at a company profile, or refer to ads that have already been posted. This law firm relied on this exact strategy to reach a new client base. By creating an ad on Facebook and boosting it, they became a business that others trusted. The more likes and shares they received, the more valuable they were to clients who were looking for legal advice.

This strategy also helped the law firm get in front of potential clients who might need legal advice later. They gained name recognition with these consumers and introduced themselves to any who were not familiar with their firm.

Facebook offers the strongest way to target social media users. As the above statistics have demonstrated, firms can reach the largest group of consumers with a message that is designed to provide engagement and feedback. With a small investment, your law firm can easily gain quick visibility, and get in front of the potential customers that you are looking to have as loyal clients.

Do you want to generate more traffic, more leads, and more revenue?

By using Facebook to reach a new customer base, this law firm was able to grow and expand its business with only $20 worth of ads. This investment provided a new opportunity for the firm and helped it become ingrained in the local community. It can also help your firm achieve the revenue you are looking for.

If you are a family law attorney who does not have the people, resources, time, or expertise to get a measurable return on your digital marketing efforts, Divorce Marketing Agency can bridge this gap.

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